Players were swallowed into a black hole, but Epic obviously didn’t just abruptly delete the game and shut down all Fortnite servers. The Black Hole was a region of space time exhibiting gravitational that appeared during/after The End Event. Fortnite Season 4 will conclude on the 1st of December, but according to several game files the next season may not start until the 3rd, leading many to suspect that there will once again be some downtime. Fortnite's season ending black hole was the "most viewed gaming event ever" across Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter, according to Epic Games. The game was offline for two days and millions were left watching the broadcast of the black hole on social media. Fortnite has been destroyed by a huge asteroid, and replaced with a black hole. Before our eyes Fortnite seemingly disappeared into a black hole. On Twitter, the black hole event was the "most viewed gaming event on Twitter, with 50.7 million minutes watched and 42.8 million views.". Fortnite’s black hole event has taken the game offline for players everywhere and has fittingly left only a black hole in its place.. Fortnite’s Black Hole Appears What have your Christmas elves been doing?! According to information from Fortnite leaker Nearby, there’s a file with the name of Rocky Ridge, which is something that was used for the black hole … It's unclear when the new Season will begin, but presumably Epic won't keep one of … Galactus could make another Black Hole in Fortnite. Fortnite is an online battle royale video game that has become very popular across the world since its release in 2017. A new leak has shown there could be another black hole-type event to close out this season, and since this is being called the biggest thing we’ve seen in Fortnite, that wouldn’t even be that crazy. Gambling and gaming: Kids feel 'pressured' to spend money whilst gaming, Fortnite and Batman collaboration: Epic Games launches crossover. Of course, that led to Fortnite disappearing for a few days before Chapter 2 started up, so that would definitely be huge. Read more: Arrow star Katie Cassidy favourite game is Call of Duty here is why The First Black Hole blackout that occur in Fortnite was at the end of Chapter 1, A bunch of rockets destroyed the entire map and the game itself was sucked into a black hole. 'Fortnite' servers are currently down as the game prepares for the chapter 2/Season 11 update. The Fortnite black hole that took the game down worldwide has reopened, throwing millions of players back into the game with a new island to … Fortnite The End OG Ost Music Soundtrack Black Hole - YouTube it appears a new file named ''FrontEnd_RockyRidgeV2_Final_New'' got added in 14.50. Epic Games has had many in-game events before, but never … After the Meteor destroyed the rift zone around The Zero Point sphere, it caused the frozen Zero Point's explosion to unfreeze (due to The Scientist stopping the explosion in the beginning of Season X) and created a whirlpool which sucked everything into the Nexus. The countdown timer for the end of Season 10 struck zero and Fortnite has disappeared into a black hole. This will mark a new era for Fortnite, with it launching into Chapter 2/Season 11. Thematically, Fortnite is trying to act like they killed the game. Powered by. Players got a big surprise in October 2019 when a black hole … On Sunday October 13th, 2019 at 2pm EST, millions of people witnessed a great disturbance online. Whatever the case is, we’re definitely excited to find out. FORTNITE fans think that The Simpsons "predicted" this week's mysterious 'Black Hole' event back in 1991. Read about our approach to external linking. All of the account’s previous posts on Twitter were deleted and its icon turned black. PANICKED Fortnite gamers are in hysterics after the game appeared to come to an abrupt end yesterday – potentially signalling a new map is on its … On YouTube, Fortnite black hole viewership hit a high of 4.3 million viewers watching the event across all channels at the same time. Currently, Fortnite remains offline, with the black hole showing the same sequence of numbers on repeat. It appeared when the Frozen Meteor was sucked into the Zero Point and it exploded, sucking the whole game into it. Looks like we will have another event sequence in the lobby..?#Fortniteleaks, — Nearby // Fortnite Leaks (@NearbyLeaks) November 13, 2020. The collapse of Fortnite into a black hole represented the natural evolution of video gaming into a more viewer-driven medium. If you are still playing Fortnite then you may have noticed the latest live event. And the main thing to remember is that the live stream was just of an animated black hole doing pretty much nothing! Quite simply, it destroyed everything. By the time that update hits, we’ll have just about two weeks or so left in the season, so there’s a good chance that this will actually end up being the last update of the season. Popular video game Fortnite has been taken offline, leaving fans with an image of a black hole following the conclusion of season 10. Who's in the running to be this year's Christmas number one? Fortnite Chapter 2 trailer reveals what happened after the black hole By Nick Romano October 15, 2019 at 08:15 AM EDT We’re heading into the home stretch of Fortnite Season 4 and that means Galactus will finally have to make his presence felt on the island. Fortnite's season ending black hole was the "most viewed gaming event ever" across Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter, according to Epic Games. To use comments you will need to have JavaScript enabled. In … We still don’t know exactly what he has planned for us, but everyone knows how dangerous Galactus is, and he’s such a threat that a lot of the Marvel universe showed up on the Fortnite island to help. Over the weekend, Fortnite in its entirety was sucked into a black hole, leaving everyone clamoring for when they’d be able to rejoin one of the most popular games on the planet. This would apply to both the game and the lobby, so if it does happen, then we’ll have to deal with another couple of days off from Fortnite. Epic Games has told The Verge that the black hole event, officially called "The End," amassed record-breaking viewership on Twitter and Twitch. If you logged in again after … We don't know how long it will last, but right now we're just staring at a black hole. It was also one of the most viewed YouTube gaming events ever. It’s still unclear when the game will come back, and currently, if you log into the game on any platform, it will just reveal a black screen with a tiny black hole, which is leaving gamers incredibly confused. This event, which … Throughout the duration of The Blackout, numbers appeared around the Black Hole which form a message when … We still don’t exactly when the event is set to begin, but considering v14.60 is just around the corner, we’ll likely be getting a lot of information about what’s next from that patch. The game, which pits up to 100 players against each other to fight to be the last combatant standing on a shrinking virtual map, went offline on Sunday. Instead, it pinned a tweet showing a live video feed of the black hole, accompanied by a sci-fi soundtrack. In the game a giant meteor smashed into the map causing a black hole to form. Nothing is set in stone, but it will definitely be something to keep an eye on. This The End event ended with a ton of fired rockets and the appearance of a black hole. Fortnite's Black Hole Confuses Fans While most fans understand exactly why they can't play Fortnite right now, several are logging in to find only a Black Hole (and a … RockyRidge was used in the end event files as a codename for the black hole sequence, (both lobby and in game). Update: The black hole has secrets. The black hole then sucked in the map, bus and even players. READ NEXT: FaZe NICKMERCS Considers Return to Fortnite, Fortnite Leak Hints at Potential Second Black Hole Event, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. When the Black Hole swallowed the Fortnite map in Chapter 1, players were unable to actually play Fortnite for a good two days. The Fortnite black hole that took the game down worldwide has reopened, throwing millions of players back into the game with a new island to … On Sunday night, Fortnite started shutting down, … More below. Epic says that more than 1.7 million Twitch viewers tuned in to either the game's official Fortnite stream, or other creators, during the event's peak. Fortnite has also deleted all of its tweets and is simply running a livestream of the black hole on Twitter - which has had more than 290,000 likes. A new Fortnite event leak reveals Black hole is returning in Season 5 after the end of upcoming Galactus event. If you missed the event and you were stuck in the lobby, the lobby would've also been effected, with the Black Hole sucking it in as well. At the time of this writing, it seems like Galactus is currently not visible from the island, meaning he could be up to something nefarious. It then resulted in the Black Hole appearing in the screen. The black hole marked the end of Fortnite's first chapter, which was split into 10 distinct seasons. Fortnite: Battle Royale‘s ominous countdown has ended, and a rocket barrage fractured its (extremely pretty) skydome. (WAFB) - Arguably the most popular video game on Earth, Fortnite imploded without warning, plunging millions of players, viewers, and fans into a seemingly neverending black hole. The official Fortnite account on Twitter offered no explanation for the wipeout. FaZe NICKMERCS Considers Return to Fortnite. Earlier today Fortnite held The End event to commemorate the conclusion of the game’s Season X (10). This black hole thing is all that exists of the game. According to information from Fortnite leaker Nearby, there’s a file with the name of Rocky Ridge, which is something that was used for the black hole event at the end of Chapter 1. Now that we’re almost to the end of November, whatever Epic has planned for us will definitely have to be happening soon. As part of the Fortnite Crew announcement, Epic said December 2 will be the official start of Season 5, which would seemingly put all of the black hole rumors to rest. Then all the players, the entire map, and even the long-suffering battle bus were hoovered up into oblivion.

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